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NEXT is a online marketplace designed to help you transform your digital images into a flourishing online business.

Simply open a free account, upload your images, set your prices for the available print sizes, and you're in business... instantly.

You can immediately start selling fine art prints and greeting cards to a worldwide audience of art collectors.

Each month, more than 5 million visitors stop by MP to browse and purchase artwork.

When one of these visitors purchases your prints or greeting cards, we take care of everything for you, including: printing, framing, matting, stretching, packaging, shipping, insuring, processing the buyer's payment, and sending you your profits each month!

In order to help you generate sales, MP advertises your artwork for you on Google, Amazon, Facebook, and Twitter, and we also provide you with an array of powerful marketing features that do not exist anywhere else online.

Simply put - we try to provide you with every possible tool that you need in order to market yourself, market your artwork, and make it easy for buyers to purchase from you online.

In addition, MP has a vibrant online community of 40,000+ artists who participate in daily discussions, live chats, groups, contests, and much more.   If you're interested in networking with other artists, discussing art-related topics, and sharing business ideas... you've come to the right place.