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Events Promotion

NEXTBACK has an events calendar which you can use to promote your upcoming appearances and events (e.g. art fairs, tradeshows, etc.)

Why is that important? gets millions of visitors each month from art collectors all over the world.   Those millions of visitors can now see your events!

Really?   Yes - really. has a unique geo-location algorithm that automatically detects the geographical location of each visitor and then instantly tailors the website content to suit that location.

If you're a visitor from New York... you'll see upcoming events near New York.   If you're a visitor from Los Angeles, you'll see upcoming events near Los Angeles.

Take a look at the MP events calendar, and you'll see the algorithm in action.

What does this mean for you?

If you're planning an appearence in Boston, for example, all you need to do is upload the event announcement to   The event will then instantly appear on our calendar... and anytime one of MP's millions of Boston visitors stops by... they'll see your event prominently displayed at the top of their calendar thanks to the geo-location algorithm.   No other website can do this!

But wait... it gets even better.   Each week, MP sends out an e-mail newsletter to hundreds of thousands of subscribers.   The newsletter includes a list of upcoming events within the next month.   The newsletter also uses the exact same geo-location algorithm to determine the location of the newsletter recipient.   What does this mean?   If the newsletter recipient happens to live near Boston... your event is going to appear in his newsletter... right at the top!

No other art website can do this!