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StaskinStudios Art and Photography

1 Year Ago

Base Prices

How do o find the base prices for prints so I can determine what I want my markup to be? Getting started on here is a little backwards... You just start doing things with no direction and hope it works out. LoL. Unless I'm missing something? It's not that difficult but I wish I had known things like to set all the prices BEFORE uploading and what you upload last shows first on the page. Can we move out images around or not? I really just need the base price though of the prints. Thanks!

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Claire Desbois

1 Year Ago

Top right you will find your name and in the menu 'Behind the Scenes'. There you will find default settings for future uploads. (Maybe it is me but they don't seem to work)
If already uploaded you have to edit each photo separately. Under each of your images is an 'Edit Image' button where you can set prices and customise products. It is a long process and it took me days to finish mine.

I agree it is a nightmare when you first join (I did recently) and without any information it is not easy to figure out what to do!

Good luck!


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