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Matthias Hauser

11 Months Ago

How To Sell Lots Of Your Images Here On Mobileprints

Thanks for opening this discussion. Now that I have your attention I have to tell you that there is no guarantee to sell something here. Sorry. But I know some things that can greatly enhance your chances to sell (there are sales here)! Just follow my list and you have a real chance to make some money with your art.

Your To Do list to sell your work

1. Read this post from Frank J. Casella, moderator for the member curated groups here on MobilePrints (and, it is full of good advice:

2. Now read this: Are you making it easy to be found? A great post from Jeff Foliage:

3. Promote your work outside of MobilePrints. Instagram (change the link in your profile), Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, tsu - you name it.

4. Promote your work by posting it into one of the promo threads here on MobilePrints:
a) Best Travel Images Collection - Promote Your Mobile Prints:
b) Want Sales? Promote Your Pics - Post Them Here In This Discussion:

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Frank J Casella

11 Months Ago

Great article, Matthias. I totally agree with everything you've said.


Matthias Hauser

11 Months Ago

Thanks a lot Frank, much appreciated!


Matthias Hauser

10 Months Ago

As mentioned above: you need views first. Lots of them. So take every chance to promote your pics in discussions like this one: (Photographs Uploaded In May And June, 2016)


Camilla Hansen

9 Months Ago

Nice article, thanks for sharing. I found this website a coupple of days ago..looks good :-)


Jazz DaBri

9 Months Ago

Interesting community. Just got here.



Matthias Hauser

9 Months Ago

Hi Camilla and Dave, welcome to Mobileprints :-)


Hawaii Yano

8 Months Ago

At first ,I want to ask very basic question. To sell the prints the sign of my name letters had on the photo is good or no good ? For example,who will buy only the photo of itself no need sign of artistfs then,without sign is better.I suppose like that,because of not so many one get the sign on their photos .


Matthias Hauser

6 Months Ago

Hi Hawaii Yano, yes, you are right. Watermarks and signatures turn some buyers off.


Travel Pics

6 Months Ago

Seems too much to promote mobile prints as well.



Matthias Hauser

4 Months Ago

Thank you Marie. After reading the posts it might now be the time to add some descriptions and keywords to your images... ;-)


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