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Kang Choon Wong

2 Years Ago


hello, feel free to have a look on my photo.

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Frank J Casella

2 Years Ago

Kang -- Welcome to the community.

Here are some suggestion to help get you started


Jeff Foliage

2 Years Ago

Hi Kang (I hope I'm using the correct portion of your name).

I look at some of your images and you have some terrific scenic shots from China. I especially like the city of flowers. One problem I see is you need to edit your images. You need to edit the keywords to be more than what you hashtagged and the description says Description#throwback#shundepark#voluntary work#Guangzhou as all one word.

You should tell us all about the city of flowers where in southern China it is and what it's like to visit there. Maybe how far from Canton it is and generally describe it like you would to a blind man.
The search engines would visit your image unless you wrap lots of words around the picture.



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