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Jeff Foliage

2 Years Ago

Are You Making It Easy To Be Found

I have been very lazy with my images on this site. I mean like most of everybody here I set up my account, then I preceded to forget about it. I have started the laborious process of fixing my error.
I have one image (out of 176) that has 695 views.
Sell Art Online
I went in a few weeks back and I filled in the keywords and a nice long description. You might be asking what constitutes a long description. This image as you see is a water drop hitting water and you may say that sounds like a good description...
Well here is what I wrote.
C'est la vie or go with the flow by Jeff Folger. Water drops caught at the moment of impact on a pools surface. The French saying c'est la vie resonates with this image. The water goes it's own way and rarely conforms to what we know. It will conform to the shape of the vessel that it resides in but only as long as its in it. drops of water hitting the surface change it's look but it returns to it's original shape until the next disturbance. It goes with the flow. The reflection of an American flag turns surreal. The ripples of the water droplets spreading out in concentric circles. The smooth metal like color undulates across the surface of the bowl of water. The macro shows several water drops hitting the surface exactly the same way and like snowflakes, water drops are also unique in what and how they reflect the world around them.

This is what I call a nice long description... Remember you get out of this by what you put in...

I don't care if you are a really great photographer... If no one sees your images no one will by them...
Oh, and don't get me going on those selfies that some folks feel are art worthy.. Really?

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Frank J Casella

2 Years Ago

Great post, Jeff, well said!!


Abbie Shores

2 Years Ago

Jeff, thank you :). I have made this sticky for a while!


Earth Travel

2 Years Ago

Good point Jeff!


Matthias Hauser

2 Years Ago

Wonderful post Jeff, thanks for that! Search enginges love text so your advice is great. And boy, you can really craft some amazing descriptions... :-)


Janine Pauke

2 Years Ago

Hmm, my descriptions are pretty short... I've made a mental note to spend some time on making them longer. Thanks for the tip! :)


Kari Ferraro

2 Years Ago

Great tips, thanks


Jeff Folger

2 Years Ago

Its very easy to get lazy and forget to comeback and do this step. Especially in the Mobile site where I try to add 3-5 interesting images a week. and if I don't get back here and do at least that many updates with keywords and FULL descriptions, then I'm just getting further and further behind...

You have to make a concerted effort to stop in almost daily and update one or more as you have time for... I have a hundred images and growing and getting to all of these images and then marketing them... That makes it tough.

What do you have to remind you to stop in and edit?

Do you want a shortcut to help with keywords? Try this link

It takes you to the shutterstock keyword helper. This stock site has hundreds of thousands of images and you type in a subject like dragon fly and then it will show you 10 or so samples, you choose those that are like yours and go and select all the keywords that apply to yours. Then you click in the box and they are all highlighted, copy and paste in your image editor or FAA and bang! You have half the job done... This takes 20 seconds on average now if you take a few minutes to talk about your image and in 3-4 minutes you have finished updating one image here.
You go and do that a few more times and you have just updated 5 in what??? 15 minutes??? Sounds doable to me...

Jeff Folger


Julia Mastrobuono

2 Years Ago

wow this was deep


Gabrielle Coleman

2 Years Ago

Oh wow that key word site is really useful! Thank you for sharing!


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