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Jeff Foliage

1 Year Ago

Created A New Group New England Photography

Since the groups are few at this point I thought I would create one for all images taken in New England.

Right now you can submit up to 10 per day BUT! I do require you put in the work ahead of time. You must create the description and you should add the keywords. This can be a ton of work, which I'm working through myself... But with all things, you will get out of it what you put in... :-) Echoing my Dad on that one... or maybe a teacher from a hundred years ago...

Images must state where they are taken so the viewer has no question as to where and what they are looking at.

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Frank J Casella

1 Year Ago

Looks nice Jeff. I'd send you a new admin email but you know it all .. please join the admins group here also.

Frank J Casella
Groups Moderator


Jeff Foliage

11 Months Ago



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