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Chris Reid

2 Years Ago

New Here

Hello everyone!! My name is Christopher but a prefer Chris. I am not an aspiring artist or have intention of becoming one. What I am interested in is people to enjoy my life's journey through my eyes and try and experience as much as it has to offer!
I am an avid cyclist, immersing myself outdoors frees my mind of the stress and worries I have.
I hope you enjoy my work and find what truly makes you happy in life!

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Frank J Casella

2 Years Ago

You have a very good eye and talent for photography Chris.

Here are some suggestion to get started on the site, hope you find them helpful.



Crinco Lee

2 Years Ago

Hi, Chris, this is Terri or Crinco! I'm new, too, I'm an italian girl in love with photography. Maybe we can talk some times.


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