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Frank J Casella

2 Years Ago

New? Here Are Some Suggestions ...

I am the groups moderator here. The question is often asked how to get started on this site. Following are some suggestions:

First, fill in your bio on your profile page. It works on the website search. Also, fill in the descriptions for each image as it is read by the outside search engines.

Second, put the link to your URL in your IG profile. Example:

You have to market outside here and bring people to your stuff. ....... so .....

On IG make sure you follow @instprnts and when you post a pic you'll exhibit on here use #instaprints or #fineartamerica

... I'll post more updates here in this thread so keep coming back to check.

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Frank J Casella

1 Year Ago

left blank


Frank J Casella

1 Year Ago

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Crinco Lee

1 Year Ago

Hi, I'm new! Can I ask why sono of my pictures are available only as greeting cards?
Only a few of them is possible to buy as canvas, print... can I have some pltips, please?
Thank u!!!


Frank J Casella

1 Year Ago

Terri you need to fill in the prices for the items not for sale. Mouseover your name on the top right and you'll see the drop down... click on Behind the Scenes.

Look for Bulk Edit Prices and fill in the items you want for sale.


Stefano Bagnasco

1 Year Ago

Hi Frank,
I have connected my account here with the personal one on FB, then with the fan page and the light is green, mode "ON".
But once I have dowloaded the Facebook Tab it appears completely white, could you explain me what is wrong?
Thank you very much!


Blake Butler

1 Year Ago

Hi Frank,

I've been on here a few months now and probably should have asked this much earlier, but why do my photos look so grainy on here?




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